V-Day Gifts for Him & Her!

Homemade Beer Labels – There’s not enough time before Valentine’s Day for you to learn how to brew your own beer, and then brew and bottle it. You can, though, make these romantic, yet masculine, custom labels for some local or craft beers that you buy as Valentine’s Day gifts for your man. See more homemade V-Day Gifts

Him & Her Massages

Treat each other with a fun massage together. A great way to start or end Valentines Day. Check out local spas in your area or check out SPAFINDER to see what local spas are offering for Valentines Day.

For Men

Video Games
Yes, there may be a few head-scratchers on this one, but there are actually a pretty good number of men that fire up their PlayStation 3s and Xbox 360s to play games every night. The one drawback to this gift is that he may end up keeping his eyes on that new game than he does with you this Monday night. If you don't know what kind of game to buy, visit Gamestop and see which ones are popular, then drive to Walmart or Target pick it up! If the lady in your life likes video games, find a friend who works at the Microsoft campus and have them pick up this cute Xbox t-shirt.
There’s a good portion of the male population that choose to wear their jeans or shirts until the final seems are hanging on by a thread. Though a man may not be head-over-heels with this gift at first, he will appreciate the new shirt or pair of pants when he’s at work and doesn’t have to worry about a wardrobe malfunction in front of his co-workers.
Athletic Gear
Let’s face it—almost every man participates in some form of athletic activity. A new racket, bat or basketball shoes could give your man that extra boost to claim bragging rights over his friends on the court, field or diamond. A short drive to Play it Again Sports, Swetka Tennis, or Shoreline Links Pro-Shop will give you many opportunities to buy the perfect gift for your sports-loving guy.
Treat your man to dinner
We all know the long-standing tradition of the man taking the woman out and paying the bill. Flip-flopping that old-school belief for one special day may be a nice switch to an old perspective. As long as he doesn’t run up the tab, it should set the stage for a nice evening.
Accessories: wallets, cell phones, etc.
Those willing to go that extra mile to woo their man will knock his socks off with a brand-new designer wallet, an iPad or the newest Smartphone. Though these techno-gadgets may not be the most viable gift option for most women, they’ll certainly guarantee a happy man on Valentine’s Day.

For Women

Take her out to dinner—a really, really nice dinner
Many spots in Mountain View will be offering lavish dinners for lovers. Restaurants like Morocco's, Cucina Venti, Cascal, Don Giovanni, Scratch, Agave, Masa Sushi among others are great options for having a night out on the town. While many restaurants required a reservation, luckily for us in Mountain View we have plenty of restaurants to grab a bite.
Perhaps the most jaw-dropping of all restaurants is Chez TJ. Despite the very steep bill, it would be unforgettable night for a couple if you managed to get a reservation.
This is simple: buy a box of good chocolate, pop in the film "Chocolat," mix a bottle of fine wine, and it’s the closest thing you have to a romantic slam dunk, and probably hundreds of dollars less than the previous suggestion. Try the See's Candies locations in Los Altos or Sunnyvale.
To be specific, roses. Get the best looking red stems you can find, maybe get a bouquet or two with a touch of some pink or white roses in the mix, and give them to her in person. Try anyone of these options for some knowledgable help in this area. Whether at work or school, it will make her day.
It’s no-brainer for most men. If she’s ok with it, buy it.
Here’s the one gift that’ll make her eyes sparkle with the same glint the gift has. Women love showing off a new bracelet, necklace or ring. It’s a conversation piece that she will put you in the front and center of when she's talking to her girlfriends.
Remember, these lists are intended to help give you an idea of what to buy a loved one.
Asking them what they want will be the best option for a great start to Valentine’s Day.


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