Wednesday, November 19, 2014

10 Red-lip tricks you have to try!

Mastering a great red lip look can be challenging and most women don't even try it. But the good news is that red lips come is all shapes and shades so experimenting is the key to finding the right match... here are some clever options to try.... curtesy of Let us know how they work for you. 
Powder Up
"One of the main reasons people stay away from red lips is because they bleed into the skin," says makeup artist Clarissa Luna. "To prevent bleeding, powder the lips prior to applying lipstick. This gives the lipstick something to adhere to, allowing the color to stay on all day." Luna adds that she prefers to use NARS' pressed powder "because it lays smoothly on the lips."
Lip Mix
Makeup artist Anthony Tulve says, "If your favorite red is a little too bright for work or a daytime outing, put a gold, or even green, lip product over the lipstick. These tones tame the brightness of the red and give it an unexpected, modern twist."

All About The Balm
We've been taught to prep dry lips with a balm before putting on the red, but makeup artist Janessa ParĂ© says otherwise: "Put lip balm over, not under, your lip color, so the pigment has a chance to absorb in the skin." She adds that this is especially helpful for products that give a stained look. ParĂ© recommends using a balm that's more waxy than oily.

Getting Crafty
Don't throw out that fake blood you bought for your Halloween costume just yet. Makeup artistJames Vincent says: "Fake blood is an ideal color for lips and cheeks, on any face. Sheer a drop of it onto your lips, and blend it on your cheeks for the most beautiful, natural red."

Color Combo
If you can't decide between a warm red and a cool one, makeup artist Lauren O'Jea says to use both. "Apply the cool red to the lips fully, and then add the warm red to the center," she says. "This rounds out the lips and makes them look extra full."

Layer It On
Makeup artist Ashleigh Ciucci says that if you want your lipstick to last all night, don't be afraid to pile on products and textures. "Fill in your entire lip with a waterproof lip pencil. Next, apply a matte lipstick. Smush your lips onto a tissue, and apply another layer of lipstick. Top off with long-wearing lip cream."
Gloss Effect
If you love the full, plumped effect of a lip gloss (but hate the glossy part), Tulve says it's easy to recreate. "Fill in your lip with red, and then take a light shade — think a pastel or even a nude — and tap the color into the center of your bottom lip and along your Cupid's bow. Tap your lips together to blend, and you'll have the illusion of light hitting your pout, but without the stickiness of gloss."
Berry Stain
Going for that just-ate-a-cherry look? Makeup artist Tina Turnbow says: "For a more pigmented center, I like to use my fingertip while making a kissy face, and apply the lipstick to the center of my lips."
Going out and don't want to schlep your whole makeup bag? Ciucci says you don't have to: "For a night out on the town with a tiny clutch, load up a retractable lip brush with your lipstick of choice. This way, your have precision reapplication with minimal bulk."
Food Grade
"Cherry Jell-O also acts as an amazing lip stain," Vincent says. "Mix a dash of powdered cherry gelatin into your favorite lip balm, and it will make a bright lipstick color." He also suggests mixing it in with your moisturizer for a DIY cream blush.

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