Thursday, September 5, 2013

Fall 2013 Best Make-Up Trends -

Cat Eyes and Red Lips and Grey Wash...OH MY!

This fall there are a lot of looks to choose from. Cat Eyes, Prune Eyes, Orange Eyes, Glittery Eyes, Grey Wash Eyes, take your pick, experiment but do take your skin color into account and pick what works with your skin tone. Don't just go with a trend because its trendy. There are enough choices to satisfy warm skinned and cool skinned ladies.

The HOTTEST look by far is the cat eyes. Below is a how to from Glamor Magazine and Bobby Brown. The other top look is glittery eyes. But there is a fine line between glamorous and gaudy with this look so tread carefully. Its a young trend and older women should steer clear from it. Glitter on the eyelids of a mature woman's skin draws too much attention to the eyelids, people wind up looking at the eyelids and not the eyes. It also makes her look older and the skin looks crepey. Even a young woman has to be careful of how glitter is applied or it can also be a disaster.
Too much Eye Glitter
Too Much Glitter even for her. Would you really want to look like this???
Cat Eyes How To
Cat Eyes How to from Glamor Magazine
Twilight Luster Eyeshadow Kit- Cool Skintones
Get the Cat Eye look fast and easy with SpaGlo's Twilight Luster Eyeshadow kit.  Just $16.99

 Some of the other looks are prune colors which looks great with green, brown or blue eyes. The key is getting the right shade of prune. Blue eyes should go with a more muted prune so your eyelids don't fight against the color of your eyes. Brown and green eyes can go with a more vivid prune and it will compliment the color of the eye without overpowering it

Sultry Passion Eyeshadow Kit- Cool Skintones

SpaGlo has the perfect shades in their Sweet Innocence Eyeshadow Kit, and Sultry Passion Kit $16.99 for each kit.

The next look can be scary looking if you are not careful. It is very tricky to be able to pull off  Orange colored eyeshadow. The reason being is that if put it on too heavily or too dark, you look like you have been crying or have bloodshot eyes which is not very attractive. Not all looks are for everyone and if you have cool skin undertones this is one to pass up.It looks best on brown eyes and very lightly applied.
The Grey Wash Eye looks best on cool skin tones with blue or brown eyes. On green and light hazel eyes it seems to make the eyes dull, dirty and lifeless.
Angel Eyes Eyeshadow Kit- Warm Skintones Smoky Suductress Eyeshadow Kit- Cool Skintones

 Try Angel Eyes and Smoky Seductress eyeshadow kits to help you get these looks.

Falls lip looks are back to basic red and wine colors but with a twist. The application is done as a a heavy, rich, color or as a thin, barely there wash of color on the lips. 
Plum Sensation Mineral Lipstick- Cool UndertonesSparkling Bordeaux Mineral Lipstick- Cool Undertones
Plum Sensation and Sparkling Bordeaux from SpaGlo are plum perfect to achieve this Falls looks. They are made with 100% Natural Minerals, cruelty free and Vegan, $9.99 each.
The reds are ripe as an apple with Autumn Shimmer and Brick Luster also from SpaGlo also made with 100% Natural Minerals, cruelty free and Vegan..
 Autum Shimmer Mineral Lipstick- Warm UndertonesLush Brick Luster Mineral Lipstick- Warm Undertones

All of this Falls looks are Great if they are done well. You can wear any look as long as you tweak it to suit your skin tones, eye color and hair color. Just follow this simple rule: If you have cool skin tones stick with reds and prune colors that have more blue in them. If you have warm skin tones picks colors that have more yellow or orange in them. Also remember that if you are playing up your lips with strong color, then don't go heavy around the eyes and cheeks. They should have a softer, muted color. If you are playing up your eyes, tone down the lip color. Don't try to wear all the trends at once unless you are in a Halloween costume. Happy Styling.

All photos are from and all photo credits are Imaxtree.

Sunday, September 1, 2013


Skin Care for Every Season

Maintain a simple but good skin care routine year round. 

Summer, Winter, Spring or Fall you need to maintain your skin care routine throughout the changing seasons. Each season may require you to make minor adjustments to your basic routine. For example, Summer we all want to be able to just get a tan and fuss less with our skin. But summertime skin needs extra attention. and you need to add extra moisturizing and SPF protection products. Wintertime is also a time the skin needs extra moisture to protect it from drying out and cracking making it look older than it should. read more...